David Proud

David is a Charter Member and Past President of The Rotary Club of Canterbury. He has been a Service Clubmember for 33+ years, including Gordano Valley Round Table in Bristol, UK and Doncaster Apex, Australia.

Prior to his retirement, he coordinated and delivered an MBA executive subject at RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law and Open University Australia. David founded and managed his own Consulting practice for some 25 years with clients in all Australian states, New Zealand, near North and the Middle East.

His earlier career was with the RTZ group in Newcastle, Tom Price, London HQ and Bristol.

While in Bristol, he was appointed as the Media representative for the Chemical Industry Association for the South and West and covered print, radio and TV. Married to Marilyn for 43+ years, they have two adult daughters and three grandsons.

The Rotary Radio Show (full name is The Rotary and Community Services Show) tells the story of Rotary and other community-focused, not-for-profit organisations. In August this year the show will have its twelfth birthday. A relaxed conversation format with those who make a difference, is the style of the programme. David, together with other Rotarians, share the activities and projects of their guests and explore their organisations’ personalities and cultures.

The show features all elements of Rotary from local to international projects, with local and international Rotarians providing solutions to so many of the issues in the world. The music is broad in its style, from middle of the road to Aussie rock. It seems that this show is an International Rotary First, in that it is the only two-hour, weekly Rotary radio programme that has been broadcasting for twelve years.

David presents The Rotary Radio Show which airs Friday from 6pm.