John Braddock

Greetings Melbourne, Australia and the world wherever you may be reading. My name is John Braddock and I present the Sunday Of The Century program on 94.1FM 3WBC on the third Sunday of the month from 3pm to 5pm.

Sunday Of The Century is a celebration of the music from last century. In this program, you will hear both popular and unpopular music from anywhere between 1920 and 2000, and sometimes a little outside that range. Each program has a different theme, and the theme of this particular production is my Profile. So without further ado let’s get down to it.

I grew up on music and the radio. When I was young the radio in the house was always on 3AW. I heard most of the gentler hits of the fifties and sixties as well as lots of talk back radio. I got my first transistor radio when I was 13 and it was permanently tuned to 3UZ, back when music was their thing. I would go to bed at 7pm each night and listen right through til 10pm. I have accumulated a decent collection of Vinyl over the years and started buying CDs when they became available. I still collect Vinyl and CDs when I can. One of my long term plans is to digitise my entire Vinyl collection, so I can play some of those rare old classics on my show.

I started listening to community radio several years ago, and was impressed by the quality and variety of what I heard. I joined Golden Days Radio and was Receptionist for the Tuesday breakfast program for a year. During this time, I developed a serious interest in music from the 1920s through the 1940s, which is a genre that I was only vaguely familiar with before then.

#WBC caught my attention, and I was fortunate enough to secure a spot as Presenter of the Sunday afternoon program on the third Sunday of each month. I wanted an excuse to be free to play music from the entirety of last century, so I called the show ‘Sunday Of The Century’ and, indeed, on this program you are likely to hear music from before 1920 right through to 2000. There is a different theme for each program. I try to play some of the forgotten greats as well as some of the better known tracks.

By trade I am a professional computer nerd specialising in obsolete operating environments, which means I have a lot of time available to pursue other interests such as radio. My goal is to entertain the community with a professional standard program of hits and obscurities from the past. I plan to particularly appeal to the seniors in the community, but I do hope that the music I play has a broad appeal across all age ranges.

John presents Sunday Of The Century which airs on the first Sunday of the month from 3pm.