Robert Toseland

Well, it’s been a year and a bit since I’ve started making my radio programs. I started putting together my first radio program in April 2016. The same went to air in May 2016, and I’m told that I’ve improved since then. I want to thank David Ditchfield, John Farmer and Nigel (a support worker) for their advice, which has enabled me to improve my work. I also want to thank Terry Phibbs and Michelle Saccardo for inviting me to be a guest on their programs. I also want to thank Rae Bonney for giving Gena (my housemate) and myself the opportunity to come on her show. We will be heard on Monday 7 August at 12 noon. I must say that without all that, I wouldn’t have gained an inch of ground!

I actually taught myself the use of Audacity for my radio production work. But I’m still learning, though! My first program featured 3 interviews with David and Janet, Rebecca and Gena and Neil. These were recordings done by me. Since then, I’ve featured other recordings that have been supplied to me by David Ditchfield, examples include a lecture on eye conditions by Associate Professor Terri, Maureen talking about the workings of the Yallourn W power station, Caroline on the Cat Protection Society, interview with David and Janet about 3RPH, and others.

The recordings that I’ve done are an interview with Lionel, Operations Manager of Steamrail Victoria on the Parallel Run to/from Geelong last year, an interview with Nigel on his work in radio and music collections, an interview with Susan on the Diabetes Expo earlier this year and a talk on the OrCam MyEye for people who are blind or vision impaired which reads material, identifies people by name and reads products, and others.

I’ve recently got hold of a little digital voice recorder, and I’ll try to have the little recorder on hand as I go out and about, in case I could score good interviews or talks for my radio program. The little voice recorder has a USB plug for quickly transferring recordings to the computer for editing. I’ll still keep the bigger one, because it can be used as a USB microphone. It has been used with my computer when I do the front/back announcements, cross promo’s, etc.

I decided to call my position Producer, Editor and Presenter because I go out to do the recordings (producing material for the program). Next, I bring them in to edit them as well as edit any recordings that are supplied to me for inclusion. Next, the music tracks are added in Audacity. I then record my front and back announcements of items and music tracks and that’s when I present them for your information and listening pleasure. I must say that I really enjoy putting together pre-recorded programs. I certainly will really enjoy doing live presenting, which I hope to do one day.

Robert presents Out & About With Robert Toseland which airs on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am.