Rae Bonney

Passionate about challenging attitudes and breaking down the stigma and shame often associated with mental health, Rae draws upon her own personal experiences to make a positive difference to organisations, communities and individuals. Leading the way in Integrated Wellbeing at Who Group, Rae has a style that stands out. She is authentic and empathetic.

Her compassion and care for people is obvious to those she is working with, which often creates an environment where deep connection happens and attitudes are changed. Rae’s personal vulnerability builds real empathy and allows her to engage the heart before the brain, which is why people tend to accept and relate to her. It is peer to peer. Rae combines her counselling skills and more than thirty years in the corporate sector where she’s held positions in media, public relations, marketing and human resources. Rae’s approach combines storytelling, humour, kindness and care to design interventions that deliver clear outcomes for her clients. Rae’s breadth of skill includes public speaking, media writing and presenting, facilitation, career development and individual counselling. Leaving you with a strong ‘call to action’ is uniquely Rae, particularly so in the area of men’s health, where she advocates fearlessly for improved rights and resources.

The Monash Men’s Shed is a place where Rae can often be found working voluntarily in a range of commercial and therapeutic activities, in an effort to sustain a place of safety and purpose for men in the community.

She also hosts Breakfast Boot Camp, a wellbeing program, on 94.1FM 3WBC where she discusses a broad range of topics associated with mental health, punctuated with some of Rae’s trademark quirky and humorous life observations. A passionate consultant and ambassador for ‘beyondblue’, Rae speaks regularly at all kinds of public and corporate events, reminding people that it really is okay to not be okay and that basic kindness and care can save lives.

Rae presents Breakfast Boot Camp which airs on the first Sunday of the month from 10.30am.