Studio 1
Most of the programs broadcast on 94.1FM 3WBC are presented from Studio 1. The spacious area is popular amongst presenters, co-hosts and guests, and a large window allows visitors to the Box Hill Town Hall Hub the opportunity to view programs as they are broadcast.

Studio 1 is fitted out with an Elan Audio Kestrel-series control desk, 3 Denon DN-C615 CD players, a Sony MDS-JE470 MiniDisc player/recorder, a turntable and 3 guest microphones. The desk allows numerous inputs from external devices (audio recorder or an iPod, for example) as well as outputs to allow external recordings.

A secondary automated CD stacker is in Studio 1 and provides a selection of music overnight.

From 2016 the station will be moving much of our programming, music and sponsorship messages to a new system. This will allow presenters greater control over the content provided. A dedicated computer system is has been provided for this purpose.

Studio 2

Located at the rear of the 3WBC offices, Studio 2 allows presenters to perform a quick changeover between programs or provide a sound-proofed room for pre-recorded segments and production.

This studio has the same equipment as Studio 1, however 3 Tascam CD-500B programmable CD players and 2 Sony MDS-JE480 MiniDisc players are installed. Microphones are provided for 2 co-hosts/guests.

Studio 3

Located upstairs from the main studios and office, Studio 3 is used as a backup should the main studios are unavailable. Although broadcasting is possible, as this room is not soundproofed the studio is generally only used in emergencies or for offline editing/production purposes. This room also serves as a technical and engineering workshop.

Master Control
Much of the equipment used to bring the sounds of 3WBC to your radio or streaming device is housed within Master Control. The broadcasting unit normalises the output from the studio control desks and sends the signal to our main antenna, which is located on the Mont Albert water tower.

In April 2016 a new processing unit was installed, providing a clearer and crisper feed.

A dedicated computer also processes audio for our internet stream, which in turn is pushed out over an ADSL2+ connection. Other computers in this room store audio logs of 3WBC’s broadcasts.

A separate unit also manages feeds for outside broadcasts, such as VFL Football or community events.